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How to get Vietnam visa for Italian passport holders?

How to get Vietnam visa for Italian passport holders?

How to get Vietnam visa for Italian passport holdersAs an Italian passport holders, you are no visa to Vietnam up to 15 days. If you want to get Vietnam visa for Italian, you can visit to Vietnam embassy in Italy or get visa online

There's been an upsurge in the number of Italian tourists wanting to visit Vietnam. Vietnam in itself has been a rising star in the global tourist map. With its picturesque beaches and world heritage sites like the HOI AN ancient own or the MY SON sanctuary and all this coupled with an excellent infrastructure and an enabling environment means Vietnam is a hard place to miss out. Vietnam has recently been resolving its tangles particularly those relating to the issuance of visa. Its visa on arrival Vietnam policy in particular has been a boon for hundreds of thousands of tourist that visit the country each year for sightseeing as well as religious and cultural affinities.

Although Italy is not lucky in the sense that it does not have a visa free travel agreement with Vietnam, yet it has been included in the list of countries to be provided with a visa on arrival facility. This saves significant amount of time and energy and makes traveling to Vietnam a swift breeze. The best part about the visa on arrival scheme is that it does not require you to furnish any documents or mail any of those to the embassy and additionally it is very fast. A typical approval letter for availing the visa on arrival facility will require up to 2 days at the maximum to get it issued online directly to your email. Over and above that in cases of emergency this period can be further shortened to an unbelievable 3 hours, which means you can book your travel to Vietnam over a cup of coffee!

The approval letter for Italian can be issued by any of the several business online agencies that are present on the web. Although they charge fees for processing the documents and for arranging your approval, these fees are quite nominal, as they arrange between $25 to $50. This variance is because of certain special demands by the patrons for example some require a single entry visa while others want a multiple entry. The duration also matters, normal duration is one month however by paying an additional fee it can be extended up to three months.

The printout of the approval letter and other requisite documents like passport and two photos are all that is then required for you to proceed to Vietnam. Only arrivals by air are as of now subject to the visa on arrival scheme, so other means of transport needs to be sorted out in a different way.

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